What is Natural Law?

Fib Sequence

There are three undeniable laws that govern the way of all things: constancy, change, and interdependence. Change is the quality of movement and alternation. Nothing stays the same. Everything is becoming something else. Transformation. The body is always changing. Thoughts are always changing. Emotions are always changing. Physical sensations, always changing. Likes, dislikes, dreams, aspirations, … Continue Reading »

What is True Freedom?


It is possible to be without the limiting constraints of self-obsession, anxiety, and claustrophobia. It is possible to be free of the feeling of separation that results from identification with a finite personal reference point. Yet this freedom is not a license for reckless abandon. Freedom is not the liberty to do whatever we please. … Continue Reading »

Engaged Spiritual Practice


Genuine spiritual practice is a full-time enterprise. The innumerable changing circumstances of each day provide endless opportunities for applying enlightened action. From the yoga mat to the meditation cushion to all Nine Spheres of our life. Walking. Standing. Sitting. Lying down. We’re always practicing. It’s a matter of applying the teachings in our own daily … Continue Reading »

Self Reflection: Exposure, Contemplation, and Embodiment

The art of self-reflection is the central endeavor of spiritual cultivation. It includes three main aspects: exposure, contemplation, and embodiment. Exposure means making contact with ideas that spark the process of self-reflection. Exposure can happen in many ways: reading books, listening to lectures, making a connection with a teacher, observing nature, and so on. Exposure … Continue Reading »